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Start shaping your brand’s future today with Leverage the Power Book and yOCA AI, alongside Ivan Turatti’s guidance, to forge a purpose-driven communication strategy.

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Take Control of Your IDEA’s Communication

Elevate your brand’s purpose by mastering its communication processes. The OPEN IDEA PowerBook‘s methodology ignites brainstorming interactions, laying a solid foundation for your communication strategy. Alongside, yOCA AI, tailored with insights from your journey and data about your brand, evolves into Your ideal communication assistant. It gains expertise in your business, guiding growth and making a meaningful impact on your audience. Ready to OPEN Your IDEA?

1) Assess Your Brand's Situation

Unlock your brand’s potential with a FREE Communication Power Assessment. Discover key insights and strategic directions with a human Empowerment Specialist. | GO>

Develop Knowledge

2) Work on it's Foundations

Shape your brand’s identity and purpose. Use The OPEN IDEA PowerBook’s proven methodology to craft a unique narrative and strategy for your brand, empowering it’s communication. | GO>

yOCA - your OPEN Communication Assistant

3) Get a dedicated AI Assistant

Evolve your brand with yOCA, trained with your custom Power Book for tailored support. Your 24/7 personal expert. Empower in-house mastery with AI-driven guidance. | GO>

Meeting Ivan was a turning point in my professional life. He has become one of my most important collaborators, always professional and innovative. Ivan  consistently delivers excellent results. I trusted him from the start, and with his help, my company has made significant progress.

Francesca Scialanga

Francesca Scialanga


I have known Ivan for years and collaborated with him on multiple projects. Ivan consistently shows great communication and marketing skills. Recently, we’ve been working on a crucial project presentation. Great job, Ivan!

Massimiliano Tornati

Massimiliano Tornati

CEO Tornati Project

Ivan is a well-prepared professional who navigates changes adeptly, thanks to his forward-thinking approach. He excels in working with innovative people and companies.

L. Emil Abirascid

L. Emil Abirascid

Founder & Director Startupbusiness

Ivan is a talented expert with a strategic approach and valuable skills. He collaborated with SuLLeali in digital and communication efforts for various clients. Together, we developed a brand identity project that resulted in a new website. Ivan is not only a top-notch professional but also serious, focused, and reliable.

Mascia Consorte

Mascia Consorte

Managing Partner SulleAli Ethical Communication

Ivan is a serious professional, keen on understanding clients’ needs and studying their market context. He proposes innovative and effective solutions that empower clients to apply them independently. 

Emilio Alessandro Manzotti

Founder Business Athletics

Ivan is truly customer-oriented, with strong empathy and innovative ideas. He can lead complex processes and swiftly resolve issues. Ivan is a good human being, and it was a pleasure working with him.

Leila Schrott

Regional Manager South Central Europe Fissler

Choose Your Power Plan

Everything starts with a FREE 60 minutes Communication Power Assesment video – call, included in every plan. Then you get your editable copy of The OPEN IDEA PowerBook and you can decide if doing it yourself, with the support of yOCA or with the guidance of Ivan Turatti and it’s team.

Data Start-Up Report

The Data Start-Up is a necessary step before getting to work on your brand’s foundations. It lays all the data-gathering gorundwork that will make your path faster, easier and more focused. In the PowerBook you may find a step-by-step guide to collect the basic data you will need also thanks to yOCA’s help.

But with this report you wil get Ivan Turatti and his team to support you in collecting data from your team and organization, then they will use their AI enhanced agency tool stack to analyze your data and find relevant data for your brand and market.

Power Sessions

Power Sessions are 90 minutes video-calls with Ivan Turatti and/or members of his team. Power Sessions are a mix of coaching and training, they are useuful to understand better how to do the steps of the Power Book, check what you have already done, ask questions about things you need to understand, etc… Also during this sessions you will be given tips, ideas and resources to better understand how to use yOCA and other AI tools that can support your path and your brand’s communication. Usually this is how the Power Sessions break down during the Power Book Path.

This sessions are the ones included in the “Do It With Ivan” Plan. If you need more you can always purchase an extra Power Session.

  1. Intro to the path and to use yOCA
  2. Data Report Presentation
  3. OPEN Steps Check
  4. IDEA Steps Check
  5. Game Plan Session
  6. Custom yOCA Set-Up
  7. extra Power Session TBD
Custom yOCA Set-Up

After finishing the Power Book Path, I will support you by setting up a custom version of yOCA dedicated to your brand, trained with your edited Power Book and all the data, reports, etc… created during the path. I will also customize it’s core-prompt to make it more focused on the specific needs of your brands.

At the moment the AI enviorments we can deploy yOCA are Chat GPT and Microsoft Copilot, in a few months I will be able also to do it in Google Gemini. If you use some other AI enviorment send me a message and I will verify is it possible to deploy yOCA in that enviorment and how.

Human Support

yOCA is great to get the support you need during the Power Book Path, but sometimes you may need to pic a human’s expert brain. Thanks to the human support service, you will be able to quickly access human support just by commenting @ivanturatti in the Power Book or sending a message via the support form or to the support email.

The answer will be via mail or answering your comment on the Power Book. Sometimes you may recive a link to a video-tutorial to better show you how to do something.

Ivan Turatti | OPENIDEA.bizby IVAN TURATTI

Communication Empowerment Specialist, Founder of, author of The OPEN IDEA Power Book and creator of yOCA – your OPEN Communication Assistant AI.

Mixing human and interactions and intelligence, with AI, I help founders Build their business Communication Foundations and take control of thier brand. I’m specialized in crafting powerful, purpose driven branding, messaging, and strategies, that empower founders to thrive in their market.

Visit my LinkedIN profile to connect and read the reviews of my past my clients.

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