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The OPEN IDEA Philosophy

We belive that quality interactions are the main vector of innovation, progress and growth for any organization or project. This is why we created The OPEN IDEA methodological framework our not-so-secret sauce to support SME's in starting-up their communication in a simple, interactive and unique way!

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  1. 1

    Interactions Matter

    It doesn't matter how much budget you have, how many persons you reach or even how many of them click or leave their contacts. At the end of the story, the only thing that matters are the quantity and the quality of the interactions that unfold from all that effort."

  2. 2

    Keep it Human

    Gurus got-to-sell, but what they often forget to explain in their fancy books and online courses is that at the end of the day what will convert cold-leads into enthusiastic users are mostly 3 things: good products and services, quality interactions and finding humans behind the monitor.

  3. 3

    Time, Money or Relations

    It doesn't matter how busy, poor, ignorant or shy you are. When it comes to creating a great communication strategy for your SME, you just have to find the right mix of resources you have to start-up your communication. So either you have time, money or relations, start now!

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