The OPEN IDEA e-WorkCourse

#TAKECONTROL of your SME's Communication! Discover the "path" to starting-up, developing and managing a SUCCESSFUL communication strategy for your Small or Medium Organization!

Watch the video and let Ivan Turatti, founder of, explain you why agencies and consultants often don't work for SME's and how converting your SME in an OPEN IDEA may bring your communication to the NEXT LEVEL!


A workshop tailored to fit the needs, resources and time of SME's

We know that small and medium entrepreneurs don't have much time and have low budgets, so we created the perfect mix between money, resources and work-time! All you will need is:

Fast Internet Connection

All the workcourse will be "online" so a stable and fast internet connections is a basic requirement.

PC or Tablet 

A Tablet or a PC with a webcam and micropohone and able to connect to the internet.

2h Video Sessions x Week

Each week a mandatory 2h dedicated session with Ivan Turatti,Communication Coach & Founder of

3h Homeworks x Week

We ask you to commit at least 3 hours each week, to work with your team  and develop your communication.

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    "Many consultants are focused on strategic work but have little ability to dive into details. Ivan is a strong blend of both. He put together a detailed plan to take us to the next level."

    Emilia Radu
    Co-founder of Monomyths Association
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    "Ivan can inspire and guide your communication programs to the highest level of engagement [...] I look forward to working with him again in the future."

    Mario Sebok
    Managing Consultant in PMO & Strategy

10 weeks to STARTUP 

your SME's Communication!

Each week you will work on one piece of the OPEN IDEA framework, to create your SME's UNIQUE Communication strategy, you will learn the SECRETS of the best communication channels and discover powerful and low-cost tools to easily develop and manage your communication.

Week 1 | In Take & Data Kit

This week you will start to collect important data using questionnaires, focus groups and gathering analytics and other valuable data. You will involve in this process all members and the users of your organization. You will also have a dedicated in-take session to help you start the path in the best way possible and give you support in collecting data.

Week 2 | Organization

It is important to empower what you know about your organization, the environment in which it operates and its customers/users. This week you will analyze the organizational structure, the products and services and the internal and external members. It will be done by You and your team using all the data and knowledge collected on week 1.

Week 3 | Positioning

What makes an organization stand out? This is the main question you will attempt to answer during this week. For starters, you will deepen your understanding of the environment in which your organization works, analyze the competition, get to know providers and retailers and find the unique positioning of your organization.

Week 4 | Experience

It doesn't matter how we call them: clients, users, etc. We are talking about people and their lives. Why do they decide to dedicate to a specific organization? What type of experience do they get? Are they satisfied? These are the questions you will deal with during this week of analysis of the "buying system" and the "user experience".

Week 5 | Network

Who belongs to the tribe of your organization? Where can you find them? During this week you will work on mapping the organization's relational network. The goal is to identify and get to know those fan groups, opinion leaders and innovators interested in dialoguing with your organization.

Week 6 | Identity

During this week you will work on the "social identity" of the organization. Starting from the promises it makes, to its vision of the world, the ideas that make it unique, all the way to the set of characteristics determining its "personality" when relating with others. Anything to write the story that everyone should know.

Week 7 | Design

During this week, using the "social identity", you will (re)think the visual identity. From the colors to the font, all the way to the graphic structures, website and useful templates, that can simplify the implementation of a coordinated image strategy in the organization. In all it needs to be recognizable.

Week 8 | Engagement

During this week you and your team will operate on the involvement of the users. That's why you are going to set up a "content and interaction plan" based on the human, instrumental and economic resources of the organization. The aim is to start-up a communication strategy to create a long term relationship with the users.

Week 9 | Advertising

In addition to an ongoing relationship, communication can face intensifying moment in the established relationship. Reason why the scope of this week is to design a communication campaign aimed at (re)launching the organization, using both traditional and unconventional channels to boost your fan base.

Week 10 | Out Take & K.P.I. Kit

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it! That's why it is in this week you will create a system that will allow to identify any problem and elements that can be improved and to verify if the communication strategy is leading to the expected results. You will also be having a dedicated session to understand better how to implement your strategy!

Are you ready to convert your

Apply NOW to the OPEN IDEA Work Course, a 10 week Virtual Communication Coaching Path, with the founder of and author of the OPEN IDEA framework Ivan Turatti!

20h of Dedicated Video-Sessions

Each week 2 hour of training and coaching to learn the secrets of the OPEN IDEA path and discover new tools and communication chanels!

1 Curated Data Report

Generated from insights,surveys and big data collected form the web to better understand your organization's audience!

3 Months of FREE Chat Support

If at any moment of the OPEN IDEA path, you get stuck or need help, don't worry our live text chat is always open to support you and your team!

Access to Canvas, WorkBook and Classroom

Everything you need to desing your SME's Communication. Our communication canvas, the step-by-step WorkBook and a Virtual Classroom



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When may I book the dedicated sessions?

As soon as you purchase the Work Course you will receive a mail with the code and link to book the sessions.

What is yOCA and how will it help me?

yOCA is an A.I. based chat bot that can help you geting chat support, discover new tools and manage your communication.

May I accelearate the path?

The WorkCourse is divided in 10 steps we suggest at least 1 week between one step and the other, but if you wish we may accelerate it for you.

How many team members may partecipate to the sessions?

Our dedicated video-room supports till 8 particpants, we suggest to bring at least 1 other member.