The OPEN IDEA WorkBook

FREE “Auto Coaching” Path to set-up Your IDEA’s Communication Strategy

By requesting The OPEN IDEA e-WorkBook, You will also get some eXtra Freebies:


  • Our FREE  Google Drive OPEN IDEA Canvas to share and work at the path together with Your Team.
  • 1 FREE InTake Video Power Session with a Professional Communication Coach to help You start-up the OPEN IDEA path.

Communication is a “central” part of any IDEA. The external strength and efficacy of an IDEA improves with the quality and quantity of the interactions among the team members and with users.

The ultimate goal of the OPEN IDEA path is to bring your IDEA to make of communication a strategic asset, able to create opportunities and value whatever environment it will operate in.

The path will enable you to reflect together with your team, to create among yourselves the “creative-interactions” needed to develop an effective communication structure and strategy.


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