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The Most Powerful Tools & the Best Deals!

We are always scanning the web and top world conferences, to bring you the best and most advanced tools and services to skyrocket your communication.

We choose the most powerful ones and the ones with the shorter learning curve. We also try to do partnerships with the creators of this tools and services to bring you exclusive discounts or that little extra VIP treatment that makes the difference.


Tools are a great opportunity to Keep Your IDEA OPEN, manage Your Communication and develop Your Communication Power in an affordable and sustainble way.

So, browse the market, choose Your tools and if You have any doubts or You dont find the one You need just ask Your OPEN IDEA Coach!


In just a few clicks, you can launch entire Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns. Launch campaigns in seconds by selecting one of thousands of pre-determined niches. Exod.ai will automatically optimize your campaigns based on your goals. ready?


The Ultimate Digital Marketing Profit-Forecasting & Simulation Tool, takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes. Mock-Up Business Ideas. Simulate Traffic. See The Potential. Are you ready?


Get powerful actionable insights. Get your social media data interpreted into actionable tips that you can use daily to improve your social media performance. Vaizle will give you daily insights across multiple variables in forms of graphs, charts and daily tips.


This tool tells you in plain English what is going on with your website, it connects to google analytics and social media to deliver big data analysis in an easy-to-use SaaS package. It's a great A.I. based tool if you are serious about growth hacking your IDEA.


Shorten, track and optimize your links with catchy call-to-actions, retargeting pixels, custom domains and powerful analytics. The more content you share, the more awareness and recognition your brand gets. On top of that, you get better deliverability.


Restream is the best way to live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and 30+ streaming sites at once. Expand your audience with multistreaming today. Probably the best streaming tool out there, pair it with instafeed and it also streams on instragram.


Get hundredsof catchy name ideas from experts across the globe in 3-5 days or less or from an A.I. based algorithm. Fully validated with domain checks, trademark support & audience testing. You may buy one generated for you by A.I. or make a contest.


You’ve got fantastic video content just waiting to go live. If only there was a way to livestream on every social channel, at the same time, to grow your audience. This is Videolinq, more streams, more views, and more reach with one platform.


Your personal TV studio, featuring a professional teleprompter, captions, and editing. BIGVU is a comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content.

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