So it’s time to invest in communication but: I don’t have money!

So let me clear this out fast: you don’t need big money to have great communication.

There are many ways to “invest” in communication for your SME, you may try money or:

  • Invest some TIME in doing it yourself, the web is full of amazing canvas as the OPEN IDEA framework and great free tools, that just need a small investment of your time (and creativity) to give you the first results.
  • You don’t have time or money? I bet you have friends or know someone that may help you start-up your communication or just spread the word out… then use the first profits to engineer your communication strategy.

It doesn’t matter how busy, poor, ignorant or shy you are. When it comes to creating a great communication strategy for your SME, you just have to find the right mix of resources you have to start-up your communication…

You know what they say: If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade but if instead, you have friends … well, make your product go viral with word of mouth. If it gives you time use it to learn new things, create great content and campaigns and to interact with you users.

If it gives you money, well my #2cents advise in this case is: use it to buy yourself time and relations… and also some power tools or communication coach. ;P

This weeks hashtag is: #TimeMoneyRelations