Coached Path Pack

700,00 450,00 +VAT



Let us get real for one second, we created the OPEN IDEA Path making it FREE and EASY. Then we discovered that sometimes having some support may help doing it faster and with better results. That’s why we created Power Sessions!

To make the OPEN IDEA path avilable to everyone, we decided to create a special “COACHED PATH PACK”. Buying it, You get 10 Video Power Sessions with a Dedicated Professional Coach at a SUPER DISCOUNTED PRICE. You may decide the days and the speed of Your Path and schedule them from a dedicated link. During this sessions we will explain You and Your Team each step of the path, giving tips to get the most from each step, help set the goals, check the work done and of course support if You get stuck.

So, What are You waiting for? OPEN Your IDEA Today!