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A one-way ticket to empower Your IDEA’s communication

You can get access to the OPEN IDEA platform, for FREE and thanks to the Work Forms analyze, brainstorm and design all the main communication aspects of Your IDEA. But we know You may need more, and we may support You thanks to our POWER TICKET:

4 Sessions x month

+30% to 50% discount on extra Power Sessions. You may use them to get support for the OPEN IDEA Path, but also to check your progress, search for tools and train your team to use them or learn new skills.

VIP 24h Support

Normally we take  a maximum of 48 working hours to answer to support tickets. But for You, we garantee an answer in 24h or less. (most of the time we will answer in less than 2 working hours.) 

VIP Bonus Access

Get early access to the new features of the platform, access to special content and contests to get FREE tools and to extra bonuses and deals from our partners.

+ Connect to our A.I. enhanced Tool Stack | (+300€ Value each month)

Once finished the OPEN IDEA Path, we will connect Your website and social channels to our A.I. enhanced diagnostic ToolStack. During the Power Sessions a dedicated Coach will brainstorm with you on how to get the most from the activable insights, tips, goals and simulations… You also get access to some TOP A.I. Powered content creations tools: AUTOMATIC COPYWRITER, LOGO GENERATOR, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, etc…

Website Growth Plan

Thanks to an A.I. enhanced tool, we will give you custom goals and tips on improving your website and on how to get more traffic.

Monthly Social Report

Thanks to an A.I. enhanced tool, each month we will give you data and activable insights to empower your interactions and channels.

Funnel Designer

Thanks to this smart tool, we will be able to support you in creating growth funnels and simulating the results you may get to optimize them.

… and YES there is more! 3 SELF-SERVICE TOP A.I. Powered Tools and a WordPress Kit:

Smart Social & Content Manager

A PREMIUM A.I. enhanced and big data powered content creator, social media management, podcast production tool. Turns you into a Content Master by helping  to generate content blogs and social media in only 30 minutes a day!

A.I. Video Doodle Creator

Futuristic A.I. technology automatically transforms any content into Doodle Videos in any Language. Includes Award Winning technologies like Text-To-Speech, Language Translation and an asset Library for effortless video creation.

Landing Page & AD Bot

An easy to use, Self-Service, A.I. Assisted, Landing Page Builder and Web Ads Generator. You will be able to run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google and bring traffic to your funnel/content strategy without beign an expert.

WordPress Site Kit

Create Your unique WordPress self-hosted website. Our kit includes a multi-layout customizable template, a top drag and drop visual editor, a powerful form builder, a newsletter system and more. Plus a special discount for one of the best hosting services in the world.

So are you ready to grab your power ticket? oh, one more thing…

We want to offer You our best Communication Empowerment Services and Tools. This is why there can be ONLY 12 Power Tickets Active each month. So we can focus in giving You and Your IDEA all the support You may need to OPEN it, make it GROW and SPREAD!


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500€ 450€

/+VAT per month

(+30% discount on extra power sessions)


4800 4200€

/+VAT per year

(+50% discount on extra power sessions)