Stop the cold emails, stop the call-center phone calls, you are not talking to bots, you are interacting with persons.

  • Yes, I know, you don’t have time and/or money for 1to1 marketing
  • Yes, of course, is easier to set automation systems
  • Yes, all the big GURUS say funnels automation is the best way to get new users and clients

but you have to be smart about it…

The time and money you spend creating authentic content for your users is one of the best investments you may do for your business. You don’t need “fancy stuff”, just #keepithuman

Automation systems are great, if used well they may put the power of an entire marketing office in your hands and at a fraction of the price. If you don’t have time, budget or knowledge for 1to1 marketing, at least try one thing: use marketing automation in the most “personal” and “authentic” way possible.

Gurus got-to-sell, but of course they have a point. What they often forget to explain in their fancy books and online courses is that at the end of the day what will convert cold-leads into enthusiastic users are mostly 3 things:

– good products and services

– quality interactions

– finding humans behind the monitor

So what will be your next big move to #keepithuman?