Done-With-You Path

This path is a mix of Consulting, Training and Coaching focused on supporting You and Your Team in Building and Learning to run Your IDEA’s Communication Office.

Done-With-You Path

Enroll to the Done-With-You Path and Take Control of Your IDEA’s Communication:

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In the next week after Your submission we will send You an email with the invoice and all the details to process Your payments.

6 Months to OPEN Your IDEA and Take Control

The OPEN IDEA Done-With-You Path develops in a 6 month timeline and ideally unfolds in  following timeframe. But as evey IDEA and organization is unique, we try to adapt to Your schedule and rythm, so in some cases we manage to go faster in others slower, it really depends on how fast You and Your team respond to the path and the kind of time and brain commitment You manage to put in it.

Month 1 | OPEN

We will help You analyze Your IDEA ground-up. Define it’s unique positioning in the environment, design the buying experience You want for Your users, discover Your Tribe and map Your Network.

Month 2 | IDEA

We will create with You, Your IDEA’s narrative and visual identity, show You how to leverage A.I. tools to design Your logo and web structure.  Guide  Your team in creating a tailor-made content and engagement plan.

Month 3 | Take Control

We will support You in opening the digital communication channels You need. Transfer to You ad Your team the skills and tools to manage them. Create and test a digital advertsing campaign for Your IDEA.

From Month 4 to 6: Coach Your IDEA

Usually the first 3 months of the Done-With-You Path are the most intense and the ones where we add more consulting and training value. The last 3 months of the path focus on assisting you in implementing the strategy and achieving the goals defined during the process. The aim is to make you as autonomous as possible, so that at the end of 6 months you have total control over the tools, processes and communication channels of your IDEA. So this last 3 months will unfold in the following way:



At the begining, the middle and the end of each month we will connect with You and Your Team in a Power Session to evaluate the data collected, set and check Your goals, train You and your team to use a tool or function, brainstorm ideas, funnels, etc…

Reports & Insights


Each month we will send You via e-mail a customized report that will mix data and activable insights collected by our A.I. ToolStack and tips and ideas by Your Dedicated Communication Coach to support You in reaching Your Goals!

A.I. ehanced Tool Stack


We will Create and Run with You A.I. optimized PPC/PPL Campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. The scope is to leave You optimized campaigns You may run again in the future and also teach You and Your team how to manage them.

24h 7 Days Support

24/7 V.I.P. Support

During the Done-With-You Path, but also for 6 months after it ends, You get support  via e-mail from Your dedicated Communication Coach.We will answer in maximum 2 WorkDays (usually few hours).

The kind of support You may expect from us regards questions about the tasks we assigned You or Your team, or asking us to check/give feedbacks about the content and things You are creating, asking support in finding specific tools or ways to automize-optimize specific tasks, etc… basically we try to support You in removing the creative and technical blocks You may find while taking control of Your IDEA’s Communication.

Goals & Outcomes

At the end of the Done-With-You Path, You may expect to have in place the conceptual foundation, the channels, the tools, the knowledge and the plan to run Your IDEA’s Communication.  

  • A clear analysis of Your IDEA’s organization, positioning, experience and network.
  • A powerful narrative and visual identity that vibes the right energy to Your IDEA.
  • A content and engagment plan for all Your real and virtual channels.
  • A tested and optimized funnel and advertising strategy for Your IDEA.
  • Optimized social channels and knowledge on how to use them.
  • An A.I. enhanced Tool Stack to automate and manage Your IDEA’s Communication.
  • A new or reviewed logo and coordinated immage with all basic templates.
  • Internal communication culture knowledge  for You and Your Team.

Time Commitment

The OPEN IDEA Done-With-You Path, in the first 3 months requires an individual/team commitment of 1-2 hours per day plus a couple of 90/180 minutes video-sessions each week with our experts. From the 4th month, you have to commit to dedicate at least 1-2 hours a day in executing the game-plan and connect for 3 power sessions each month.


5000,00€ + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the 6th month?

Most of our clients after finishing the Done-With-You Path manage to have the total control over their communication processes, so we hear from them only if they need some kind of upgrade or search for a specific technical service or tool.

But not everyone manages to take full control, sometimes they lack time or don’t have a team or just need some extra support. So if at the end of the path You will find Yourself in this position, we have two options:

1) we may help You in finding A.I. Tools or Services that for a low fee may cover those areas that You don’t manage to.

2) we may offer You what we call a custom “eXtra Power Ticket”, and assign You a dedicated coach to support You in the tasks and things You don’t manage to do, the monthly fee for this service starts at 300€ + VAT.

I don't have a website, is that an issue?

Not all’IDEAs need to have a website, sometimes just using properly social channels is more than enough.

But if Your IDEA need’s one and  You don’t have a website, or if the one You have ends up beign obsolete after the OPEN IDEA path, that’s not a big issue. Also don’t worry if You don’t have the technical skills needed to create this stuff.

We may support You in 2 ways:

1) Installing for You a wordpress installation with a set of plugins and a very powerful visual builder that does not requiers a lot of techincal knowledge and has already many done-for-you layouts that You may use and custumize with Your brand, content and colors. This is included in the OPEN IDEA done-with-you path cost. [to be clear: we will just install wordpress and the plugins and templates and help You choose a layout, the actual work n the website customization and content has to be done by You]

2) We may show you some A.I. tools and low cost services that may support You in creating a website without having any technical knowledge, also for no extra cost, we will explain You how to use them, give You links to tutorials and knowledge bases where You can study. [Some of this tools may have one time or monthly fees]

3) According to the budget You have, for an extra fee, we can hook you with one of our partners of the DOC Creativity Network or of our Global Network and have a professional webdesigner or agency create the website for You.

Are You including in the fee any tools or software?

The OPEN IDEA Done-With-You Path fee, covers the tools our experts and coaches will use during the 6 months, to better support You in getting things done and give You detailed reports, tips and activable insights.

In some specific situations, according to the kind of strategy we develop fro You, Your IDEA may be eligible to get FREE Annual or Lifetime access to some of our agency A.I. enhanced tools. 

Otherwise we will just suggest You the tools that may be more useful for Your project and tell you if there are special discounts, lifetime deals or VIP treatment we may hook you up with.

Will I have to cover any other expenses?

The short answer to this question is YES. We suggest You to forecast a minimum of 100-500€ of extra expenses per month, and some may keep going also after the path is over.

This is why, depending on what You already have You may face expenses to:

  • create a website
  • puchase tools or software
  • pay tools monthly fees
  • run pay-per-click/lead campaigns
  • run other kind of advertising campaigns
  • ask for specific graphic templates or tasks
  • etc…
Is this path only for english speaking persons?

Yes and no. Basically the OPEN IDEA methodology, the worksheets, the reports and most of the tools are in english. But our coaches and experts speak english, italian and spanish so You may choose the language you prefer to get support or during the power sessions.

What if I don't have a team or time, can You help?

Short answer: YES, we can!

Before signing up to the path, request a FREE call with Ivan Turatti, and tell him your specific situation.

We can create a solution for You or hook you up with one of the following pilot programms we are testing:

1) we can get in touch with a university or communication academy near you, and ask them to send us some of their best students for a talk and select for You the one we think best fits your IDEA. This person will be envoled from the start of the path, so that after 6 months it will have the necessary knowledge about Your IDEA and it’s communication tools and strategy to be your communication manager.

2) if you prefer a more “senior” person or don’t have a university or academy near You, we may run an HR search in Your area and find You a perfect match. Also in this case we will envolve the person from the start.

3) if you don’t want to have an internal communication manager, we can hook you up with one of our partners from the DOC Creativity Network or from our Global Network to assist You in the specific tasks you don’t manage to do yourself or to be you temporary-external-communication manager.

Not sure if the Done-With-You Path works for You?

Schedule a FREE video-call with Ivan Turatti, the founder of OPENIDEA.biz and creator of the OPEN IDEA Path. During this call he will help You to better understand the path and if it’s the right fit for Your IDEA or if there are solutions that we can offer more useful for Your situation and for the issues Your IDEA is having.

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