Do-It-Yourself Path

FREE “Auto Coaching” Path to set-up Your IDEA’s Communication Foundation

By enrolling to the Do-It-Yourself path You get The OPEN IDEA e-WorkBook, plus some eXtra Freebies to Empower Your IDEA! Enroll NOW:

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Discover All the FREEbies included in the Do-It-Yourself Path

the open idea workbook


The core of the OPEN IDEA Path is our Workbook, written by Ivan Turatti. Is written in plain-english and suitable for non-expert people. In it You will find the theory behind the path and the step-by-step guide to OPEN Your IDEA’s Communication.

the open idea worksheets

FREE Google Drive WorkSheets

We packed our easy-to-use, FREE do-it-yourself WorkSheets as a Google Slides file. In this way You may work on it sharing it with Your team, download it and use it with Your favourite office suite or just print it out and work on paper.

open tool stack report

OPEN IDEA Tool Stack List

Discover our Tool Stack List. We crafted it after surfing the web and top tech conferences, to bring you the state-of-the-art Tools You need to manage and empower Your IDEA’s Communication in a simple, fast and effective way. (Tools not included)

intake power session

1-on-1 FREE InTake Power Session

Here at OPENIDEA.biz we belive in making things happen. This is why even if we know our WorkBook and WorkSheets are powerful and easy to follow, we add to this FREE path 1 Power Session.

A Power Session is a 60 minutes video-call with a Professional Communication Coach, during which we will help You and Your team to understand how to get the most from the OPEN IDEA path.

Not sure if the Do-It-Yourself Path works for You?

Schedule a FREE video-call with Ivan Turatti, the founder of OPENIDEA.biz and creator of the OPEN IDEA Path. During this call he will help You to better understand the path and if it’s the right fit for Your IDEA or if there are solutions that we can offer more useful for Your situation and for the issues Your IDEA is having.

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