About OPENing IDEAs and Changing the World

Every day millions of persons dream projects, business, or maybe just a happy life. Some of them find the courage to convert those dreams in actual IDEAS, and work, grind, even suffer to make them real, I like to call this persons “heros”. But just a few “Superheros” manage to convert their dreams to OPEN IDEAs.

To support this Superheros we created this A.I. Enhanced Communication Empowerment Agency, we made it easy to use and affordable. We builded a unique coaching methodology and became experts in searching the best tools, to give all that You need to  boost Your IDEA’s Communication.

About The OPEN IDEA Concept


An agency designed to work from any part in the world. All you need is internet and a browser. Yes! Is that simple.


All of our services and tools are based on the power of the interactions between you, your team and our coaches.



We will always try to give you the freedom to decided if you want to invest time or money or the best mix of both. 



If you have a problem or need to do something faster, probably there is a tool to do it and we will find it for you.

OPENIDEA.biz | About Our Services

About Our Services

We focus on “empowerment“, our job is to give the coaching, training and tools that you and your team need to develop your IDEA, OPEN it and make it a success!

At the ground level of the communication proposed with our methodology you will find: relations, transparency and awareness.

Our ultimate goal is to bring your IDEA to make of communication a strategic asset, able to create opportunities and value whatever environment it will operate in.

Power Tickets

Power Tickets, contain a mix of our best services and tools.

They are designed to give you all the power and support you need to develop your IDEA at a setted and convienient price.

Is the best deal we offer, if you want a full service, without surprises.

Power Sessions

This is our main service, our power sessions will be your secret card to OPEN your IDEAS!

60 minutes video-sessions with one of our top coaches.

They may help you throught the OPEN IDEA path forms, support your brainstorming, give suggestions on what you should focus, the tools you may need, the expertise you lack.

A communication coach, may also train you or the members of your team to manage tools and communication channels, to create content, or other skills you may need to bring your IDEA to success.

Tool Stack

We are always scanning the web and top world conferences, to bring you the best and most advanced tools and services to skyrocket your communication.

We choose the most powerful ones and the ones with the shorter learning curve.

We also try to do partnerships with the creators of this tools and services to bring you exclusive discounts or that little extra VIP treatment that makes the difference.

You may choose to use this tools and services by yourself or ask our experts to coach and/or train you and your team to use them.


Italian Creative Communicator & Coach Mixing human interactions and intelligence with artificial intelligence based tools to convert dreams in OPENIDEAs that change the world through interactions that matter.

“I think that quality interactions are the main vector of innovation, progress and growth.”

A DOC Creativity Division

In 2018 OPENIDEA.biz joined the DOC Creativity family. A cooperative network of professionals, painters, illustrators and cartoonists, makers, creative and digital artisans, web designers, photographers, audiovisuals and social media managers. The DOC networks connect all the professionals of each individual sector allowing them to connect with each other, exchanging contacts and professional training. This gives the OPENIDEA.biz team a solid amministrative and legal backend, but also a top notch professional network that gives us the ability to support our users 360°.


In his 20 years career, Ivan Turatti, founder of OPENIDEA.biz has worked for more than 200 organizations and projects. From this exeperience and from his sociology and communication science studies he created the OPEN IDEA Framework, team and platform. Here are some of them:

4sqr badges Italia – blog
Around Pack srl
ASP Casa Valloni
Aritmos Academy
Ass. Italiana Coach Professionisti
Associazione città per la fraternità
Associazione Italian Celiachia
Azione per Famiglie Nuove
Monastero Monache Benedettine S. Giovanni Battista
Business Athletics
BLAST – Cross-Industry Tech Event
Camilla Fucili – Designer
Centro Chiara Lubich
Centro Chiara Luce
Centro Igino Giordani
Celia Guest
Portici CityLAB
Città Nuova – Gruppo Editoriale
CoccardiAMO l’Italia

Corsetteria le Charme
CREA Coaching e Formazione
Del Tongo Cucine
Diaconia Barentù ONLUS
E-Nclusion – Media Education Pro.
Economia di Comunione
Enigm SanPaolo
Enterprise Europe Network
Ernesto Meda
Festival dei Diritti dei Ragazzi
Fiera Roma srl
Focolare Movement
Fondazione Pontificia Scholas
Future Service
Gen4 Movement
Giovani per un Mondo Unito
Gi-Emme srl
Giovanni Magni – Coach
Gluten Free Day
Grezzo – Raw Chocolate
Humanistic Solutions

iDea Congress
Idea Lavoro
(IN)Visible Cities
Interamerican Development Bank
Istituto Nazionale Commercio Estero
La Casa del Mandorlo – Relais
La Città della Gioia ONLUS
Loppiano Lab
Maria Giovanna Turatti
Mercati d’Autore
Mind the Gap
MiRò Comunicazione
Mirror Pictures
Moretti Compact
Movimento per la Vita
Movimento Politico per l’Unità
News & You
Nomadelfia Associazione Civile
OYB solutions ltd
Nuova Umanità

Ragazzi per l’Unità
Romina Zucchi – Psych-K Coach
Roberto Almada – Psicoterapeuta
SCA Tamburati
Share Your Story – EU project
The Show Must Go On!
TEDxSalon Porous Borders
Tornati Forni
Una Città Non Basta ONLUS
Vento & Associati
United World Project
Youth in Action
Verdi Voglie Wedding
and many other…

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