A lot of persons say that COVID19 is putting the final word on the dream of a globalized world. That it will make nations close on their selfishness and put a stop to the technological innovation run that has been reshaping the world in the last 30 years.

Meanwhile tech companies are the only stocks booming all around the world, and is not just because of the zoom-hype.

I think what many persons are getting wrong, is that this epic event, is not the “final act” of the global dream. Instead I believe is the first act of a stronger and more powerful global future for humanity.

Of course we will have a couple of hard years, and yes maybe for a while flying around will be more expensive than usual. But there is a new wave rising.

During COVID lockdowns around the world, a lot of companies and countries made a massive conversation to remote working. Fun fact, also the most sceptical bosses discovered that “it works”, people still work from home, in many cases they are even more productive.

Also teachers and schools in every country are “rethinking” the way they do their job. How they make sure that students are actually learning what they teach. Discovering ways to verify the learned knowledge without doing tests, and ditching massive frontal lessons for a more interactive methodology. Finally governments are thinking of schools in early post-COVID era, some purposes include a mix of virtual and real life lessons. Who knows, maybe this will stick even after the end of 2020

Of course we need a faster and more stable broadband all around (and 5g and satellite internet may get this done in a few years) and yes many students and workers still need an upgrade to their tech stack and knowledge about how to use it properly and safely (and in many countries governments are putting money on supporting families that need this things).

But at the end, in a few months tons of workers and students discovered a new way of living life. And even if they where forced in their house, they discovered a more “free” way of working, studing and finding a balance in their life.

And guess what: most of them LOVED IT!

So what does this means? Experts say companies will ditch their expensive office and real estate leases, persons will finally start moving back in smaller cities to have a better life quality,. We will live in a world where smart working and studing is not just “an option” for few lucky managers or high end students, it will be “the new normal”.

And in such a world, we have the perfect setting for a new global system. Where companies may search and hire talent and working force anywhere. Where persons may move permanently or just travel to other countries, and keep their job.

The social impact of this revolution, is only comparable to when companies started moving people out of their houses to work in factories and offices, for the industrial revolution to take place.

And of course, maybe it won’t happen for everyone in the next few months. And yes some factory worker still will need to go to the factory to work.

But big companies Ike twitter, Facebook and Google are betting on it. And also for factory workers, with robots and AI disrupting one insdustry at the time, is just matter of years to join the revolution.

So, is this a brand new world where we will be all happy, healthy and wealthy?

No! To achieve that there are a few conditions for anyone that wants to join this revolution or simply not be left behind.

  1. upgrade your tech game, hardware and skills.
  2. learn to “take control” of your life. Smart working is great if you manage to be responsible and find a balance.
  3. if you are in and industry or a job that could end or be distrupted in a few years, start thinking about what your next step will be. What place may you have in this new world?
  4. go back to studying! Learn to code, get a project management certificate, upgrade your skills whatever industry you are in. Get certifications, follow workshops and online trainings.
  5. Remember, the future is yours, but you have to grab it! Nobody will hand it to you.

So are you ready for a new globalized world?

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#OPENtheFuture and make sure to #KeepItOPEN for everyone. 😉💪