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Use COMMUNICATION to Empower Your Business or Non Profit Project. Build and Learn how to Run Your IDEA’s In-House Communication Office and Strategy!

Take Control of Your IDEA’s Communication

You had an IDEA, created a business plan, got all your products and services in place, now You need to spread the word out, and there is where You get stuck and just start throwing away money without getting any value for it. Traditional big communication agencies are to expensive, the small ones just give You “standardized” solutions, and freelancers manage to help You only for specific tasks, but You have to tell them what You need and what to do. 

It’s time to TAKE CONTROL of the situation. It’s time to get the knowledge, skills and creativity You need to run Your IDEA’s Communication Office. It’s time to create a tailor-made plan and build a powerful, easy to use, structure that you may run on Your own to spread Your IDEA. This is why we developed a simple 3 step path to support You in creating Your IDEA’s Communication office, structure and strategy from scratch.

Communication Coaching to OPEN Your IDEA OPEN YOUR IDEA

Use our workbook and worksheets to analyze,  set-up and develop Your IDEA’s Communication Foundations.

Leverage A.I. Tools and Communication Coaching to Keep Your IDEA OPEN! SETUP YOUR TOOL STACK

Discover the tools that will empower Your team and make executing Your Communication strategy simple.

Let us manage Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns Keep Your IDEA OPEN

Get the ongoing support, coaching and training needed to manage Your IDEA’s Communication and reach Your goals.

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We created unique methodology to OPEN Your IDEA. It’s not a “one-fits-all” kind of thing. We studied a “macro-framework” that adapts to Your IDEA and the output is a tailor-made game-plan to start-up Your IDEA’s Communication. Follwing our framework You will get to analyze, create and develop all the things that make the foundation of a communication strategy.


It is important to empower what you know about your IDEA, the environment in which you operate and the problems you are addressing.

This module will help you analyze and get consciousness about your IDEA, the organization that will make it happen, the things that make it unique, the strength and weakness points and much more.


What makes an IDEA stand out?

This is the main question this module attempts to answer.

For starters, you must deepen your understanding of the environment in which your IDEA operates, understand what the competition offers, get to know providers and/or retailers and last but not least, find the unique positioning of your IDEA.


It doesn’t matter how we call them: clients, users, etc.

We are talking about people and their lives. Why do they decide to dedicate to a specific IDEA? What type of experience do they get? Are they satisfied?

These are the questions you will deal with during this module of analysis of the “buying system” and the “user experience”.


Who belongs to the tribe of an IDEA? Where can we find them?

In this module you will work on designing the relational network your IDEA needs.

The goal is to identify and get to know those fan groups, opinion leaders and innovators interested in dialoguing with you -as well as mapping the real and virtual places where to find them.


In this module you will work on the “social identity” of the IDEA.

Starting from the promises it makes, to its vision of the world, the “why” that makes it unique, all the way to the set of characteristics determining its “personality” when relating with others.

Everything you need to write the story that everyone should know.


In this module, using the “social identity”, you will (re)design the visual identity.

From the colors to the font, all the way to the graphic structures, website and useful templates, that can simplify the implementation of a coordinated image strategy.

All it needs to be recognizable


This module operates on the involvement of the users.

That’s why you are going to set up a “content and interaction plan” based on the human, instrumental and economic resources of your team.

The aim is to start-up a communication strategy to create a long term relationship with the users.


In addition to an ongoing relationship, communication can face intensifying moments during the established relationship.

Reason why the scope of this last step is to design a communication campaign aimed at (re)launching your IDEA, using both traditional and unconventional channels.

Achieve your GOALS!

The OPEN IDEA Path is based on the interactions between You, Your Team and our Experts. It requires some time and commitment, by the end of the path You will have the foundations to make Marketing Work for You, but also You may expect the following results:


Clarity on Your IDEA’s positioning in the environment, it’s ideal audience, buying system and relational network.


A unique and powerful narrative and visual identity branding concept for Your IDEA + logo and basic grafic templates.


A day-by-day engagement and content plan tailored for Your IDEA and a unique advertsing strategy to (re)launch it.

Knowledge Power

You and Your team will finish the path having developed an internal communication culture and specific skills and knowledge.

created by

Ivan Turatti

Italian Creative Communicator, Trainer & Coach, with +20 years of experience, Mixing human interactions and intelligence with artificial intelligence based tools to convert dreams in OPENIDEAs that change the world through interactions that matter. | More About OPENIDEA.biz>

“I want to say about Ivan that he’s not simply working in communication because, first of all, he is a communicator. he really loves his work. He believes in what is doing. That’s why he is so meticolous, he cares about everything: themes, contents, details, relationships, ideas generation. He respects others and their thinkings and positions and always gives his contribution.”

(Laura Francesca De Sio |
Human Capital Associate presso BIP)

“A competent professional, serious, precise. a person who follows my company from the start, and of which I have total confidence.”

(Angelo Storari | Co-Founder at CREA Coaching & Formazione)

“Ivan is one of the people with which I have always found great pleasure in working together. Competent, prepared, mindful, punctual and always ready to suggest the right strategy even in the most critical situations. He loves his job and he does it with a contagious passion. His professional contribution, in all the work teams we have shared, he has always been high profile and often decisive.”

(Valerio Marone | Co-Founder at Own Your Business | SANS IR & Threat Hunting)

“Ivan can inspire and guide your communication programs to the highest level of engagement. We worked together designing a global non-profit campaign that with limited resources and time was able to reach and engage thousands of online audiences to act in favor of Peace and Unity. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

(Mario Sebok | SCPM,MBA,PMP® Mentor at Mastersome)

“Ivan Turatti is one of the most results-focused social media trainer I’ve ever met. He was one of the main speaker from “The Show Must Go On” 5 days event organized by Czech National Agency, specialized on social media and DEOR. Many consultants are focused on the big picture, strategic work but have little ability to dive into the details. Ivan is a strong blend of both.”

(Emilia Radu | Co-founder and Head of Learning Monomyths Association)

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